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We are happy to announce the new import feature that will allow Faviki users to import their bookmarks from Delicious and convert free-word tags to Common tags!

The import process is semi-automatic. Before the import begins, the most frequently used Delicious tags are shown with their suggested Common tag equivalents. Users can confirm appropriate suggestions and make corrections – the more tags are reviewed, the better.

During the import process, remaining tags are either converted automatically or left unresolved. Unresolved tags will be colored red. They can be used for search but they will not be shown in the tag cloud. Unresolved tags don’t have to be defined right away: they can be defined the next time they are used for tagging but there is also an option to define them explicitly.

To import tags or turn on automatic posting to Delicious or Twitter, you have to add your service accounts to Faviki:

To add a Delicious account, go to the “Edit profile” page and click on “Delicious account settings“. After you have entered your account information, if you want all your bookmarks from Faviki to be saved to Delicious, you can turn on the “Save my bookmarks to Delicious” option and adjust tag options.

To import bookmarks from Delicious, click on the “Import Bookmarks” link. You will be able to review suggestions for most frequently used tags before the import begins.

To add a Twitter account, go to the “Edit profile” page and click on the “Twitter account settings” link. Upon entering your account information, you can turn on the “Save my bookmarks to Twitter” option and adjust your tag options. This way, all your public bookmarks will be automatically posted to your Twitter account.

In the previous release of Faviki, Common tagging has become easier by giving users the possibility to map freely labeled tags to Common tags. Today’s feature is another step toward the same goal – making Faviki easier to integrate with other services. After the import, Faviki users can keep on bookmarking using the tags they are already used to – now mapped to semantically enriched Common tags. By turning on automatic posting to Delicious and Twitter, they don’t even have to leave behind their old services.

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today announced a new import feature. It allows users to import their bookmarks from Delicious bookmarking service and convert their free-word tags to Common tags.

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