ReadWriteWeb, a popular blog about web technology, has started publishing its annual list of “10 Semantic Web Apps to Watch” last year. This year, I’m happy to announce that Faviki made it to that list.

As the number of Semantic Web startups rapidly increases, I understand that editors at RWW consider this list to be a prediction of success in this brand new part of the market. I am very pleased that Faviki’s idea of semantic bookmarking quickly caught their eye.

I suggest you check out this list. You will find some very interesting and diverse projects, ranging from semantic search engines to resaurant review web sites.

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Good news everybody! Faviki got into second round of Mashable Open Web Awards. Thanks everyone who nominated it! If you want to help us by voting, you can do it here.

Mashable has announced their 2nd Annual Open Web Awards. It is the international online voting competition that covers major innovations in web technology.

Nominations of sites/companies are made by community in 26 different categories. The category we’re competing in is social bookmarking.

You can vote for Faviki here by entering your e-mail address, and confirming it in the mail you’ll receive after voting.

You can also vote for our partner Zemanta here (blog plugins category).

Note that you may nominate a site/company in as many categories as you see fit. However, there is only one nomination per category per e-mail address.

Big thanks for your support! 🙂

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