Check out the new blog post on my new (personal) blog. It’s the first post of the series on the results of my recent research, regarding the realisation of the Web of data/the Semantic Web. The first part is about the problems of the RDF model and the subject of this post are blank nodes:

Nodes without a name represent a special kind of nodes called blank nodes (bNode). These nodes simply indicate the existence of a thing, without using, or saying anything about, the name of that thing. Therefore, they are referred to as existential variables of an RDF graph.

Due to the absence of a name (URI), manipulating data containing blank nodes is much harder – they make otherwise trivial operations far more complex. They complicate the lives of data consumers, especially if data changes in the future. Blank nodes add a lot of complexity to the standards built upon them, and the implementations consuming them. They are poorly understood and difficult for beginners.

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