Semantic Web In Action – Faviki

March 13, 2010

David Kuhta wrote a new blog post titled Semantic Web In Action – Faviki.  He explains in great detail what Faviki does, how Faviki works, how it can help users and finally how it is used. Here are some arguments on why David recommends Faviki:

  • Simplicity – Tagging a bookmark in Faviki becomes especially simple due to to the semantic tag recommendation and search systems and concise user interface.
  • Social Media – Integration with Twitter gives you the an easy option to share bookmarks on Twitter and let your followers know where you’re leaving Web placeholders.
  • Eliminate Ambiguity – Semantic tagging means the tag you you’ve placed on a bookmark is backed by a clear and comprehensive concept in Wikipedia.
  • Eliminate Redundancy – The ability to import bookmarks from Delicious means you don’t have to switch tools or bookmark twice or change tools or bookmark again.
  • Power Search – Searching for a keyword on the Faviki homepage essentially amounts to a search of  all tagged Web resources on a given Wikipedia entry, as deemed by the collective Faviki community

Highly recommend read, especially for newcomers. Click here to read the post.


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