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January 14, 2010

Henry Story wrote a great post titled Faviki: social bookmarking for 2010. He wrote about how Faviki is different from other bookmarking services and explained the benefit users gain from using Wikipedia concepts for tagging. In addition, he discusses the potential of integrating Faviki with Linked data and Wikipedia:

Imagine you tag a page with (the user does not see this URL of course!). Then by using the growing linked data cloud Faviki or other services will be able to start doing some very interesting inferencing on this data. So since the above resource is known to be a town, a capital, to be in Germany which is in Europe, to have more than half a million inhabitants, to be along a certain river, that contains certain museums, to have different names in a number of other languages, to be related in certain ways to certain famous people (such as the current Pope)… it will be possible to improve the service to allow you to search for things you tagged with some European town (if you can’t remember where you were exactly when you took that photo).

Read the whole post here.

Also, Faviki has been covered on An insightful post is titled Auto-Tag Delicious Bookmarks and Share Them Easily On Twitter With Faviki. Its author, Mahendra Palsule, explains in great detail how Faviki is used, describing the usage of bookmarklet, tagging process, auto-posting to Delicious and Twitter and the import from Delicious. Here are some arguments on why Mahendra recommends Faviki:

  • Faviki uses universal, common tags, that have Wikipedia-defined meanings. Your world of knowledge captured in your bookmarks is universally connected and discoverable to your friends via these semantic tags.
  • Tagging is simple – Faviki suggests tags automatically, also allowing you to clarify exactly what you mean.
  • You do not need to switch from Delicious. You can import all your bookmarks from Delicious. Bookmarks with semantic-rich information saved in Faviki will automatically be saved in Delicious as well.
  • Automatically share your bookmarks via Twitter.
  • Multi-language Support: Faviki is the world’s first and only bookmarking service that supports tagging in 15 languages.

Highly recommend read, especially for newcomers. Click here to read the post.

Auto-Tag Delicious Bookmarks and Share Them Easily On Twitter With FavikiAuto-Tag Delicious Bookmarks and Share Them Easily On Twitter With Faviki


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