September release: multi-language semantic tagging, private bookmarks, enhanced UI

September 10, 2008

Faviki is proud to announce the first major upgrade of our service. There are several new features/improvements:

Semantic tagging in 14 languages

Faviki is the first social bookmarking service to offer semantic tagging in various languages! Now users can tag in their own language the same way they have tagged in English.

This is possible thanks to DBpedia, the project which generates datasets containing the information about connections between concepts in English Wikipedia and 13 other language Wikipedias.

Take, for instance, Wikipedia page about ‘Nobel prize’. In German Wikipedia, this page has a title ‘Nobelpreise’ and in Russian Wikipedia – ‘Нобелевская премия’. These page titles act as translated words in a dictionary. If a tag in particular language has no translation, the English term will be used instead.

The system keeps connecting all web pages with English Wikipedia terms, and is able to translate them, thanks to DBpedia datasets. For instance, a Japanese user who has been tagging in English, now with one click can translate his tags into Japanese language. And his friend from France will see the same tags in French.

Beside English, included languages are: German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish and Finnish.

Private bookmarks

Private bookmarks in Faviki are the bookmarks only you can see.

Tags you’ve added to them are also invisible to others. However, they are used as suggestions when another user saves the same bookmark, and are counted when showing the number of people who saved the link. In both cases, the anonymity is respected.

To make a bookmark private, just check the ‘private’ checkbox on the ‘Edit more’ part in the bookmarklet window. Your private bookmarks will have a small lock icon.

Enhanced UI

The user interface is simplified and (hopefully) improved. Tag clouds are replaced with tag lists containing visual representation of frequencies of tags that can be sorted by name or by count. There is also additional information about related tags.

Thanks to all of our users who have given us the feedback regarding the new features on Faviki.

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