New Features to Make Tagging Easier

July 16, 2008

Having users insert correct tags is essential for Faviki community, so we’ve implemented new features which will hopefully make tagging easier:

Tag description

Probably you have noticed that this feature exists on Faviki for some time now. More than few of our users have complained that one often can’t figure out what is the tag about and that an additional description is needed. For example, what is a difference between “Color Theory” and “Color theory”? When you hold the mouse cursor over the tag’s name in the bottom right corner a short explanation will show up.

Faviki tag description example

Faviki tag description example

Recent tags

We have noticed that some of our users frequently are saving the few bookmarks in a row that are related to the same subject or they are the follow-ups to the same post. In that case they share the same or the similar tags. The recent tags are the tags that you have entered for the previous bookmarks. Use the arrows to go through your bookmark history and click on the ‘+’ button to add the tag.

Faviki recent tags example

Thanks to all of our users who have given us the continuous feedback regarding the new features on Faviki.

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